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About the School


Located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Park’s Taekwondo School offers world-class taekwondo training to students of any age or ability level. Widely practiced as a form of self defense, taekwondo is also a way of life that promotes mental and physical fitness, and respect for self and others.

Park’s Taekwondo students learn from World Taekwondo Federation Grandmaster Sun Woo Park, an eighth-dan black belt who brings a lifetime of knowledge and experience to martial arts training. He leads an experienced team of black belt instructors, including several fifth- and sixth-dan masters.

Students learn taekwondo’s kicking, punching and blocking techniques through instruction, practice and sparring. “One step” sparring teaches self defense techniques while forms, or “poomse,” train the mind through different series of movements.

Please explore our website to learn more about taekwondo training at Park’s Taekwondo school, the history of taekwondo, and why martial arts training is right for you.

Contact Grandmaster Park  at (603) 433-2099 for more
information and to schedule a visit to the school.

Park’s Taekwondo School
535 Peverly Hill Road, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 03801, (603) 433-2099

Photography by Alexka Chan, Mike McGrail

World-class taekwondo training on the New Hampshire Seacoast